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Wall printer
The function of the wall printer: the wall printer is a machine device that prints beautiful patterns on the wall. It uses text mobile inkjet to print the pattern on the wall.

Applicable walls for wall painting machine: putty walls for interior and exterior walls, latex paint walls, large white, imitation porcelain walls, rice paper, canvas, wall coverings, prepainted glazes, shell powder, color grain paint, etc. White or light yellow Bottom wall. Glass, tile, wood, acrylic, PVC, and metal panels can also be printed (these media need to be coated).

The application market of wall printers: indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising wall inkjet painting, cultural wall inkjet painting, background wall inkjet painting, store decoration inkjet painting, office environment, party building walls and other wall painting, as long as the wall printer needs inkjet painting on the wall, You can use it.

Who is better between wall painting and hand-painting: the printing cost of wall printer is low, the printing accuracy is higher, and the effect is better, which can save time and labor costs. The effect is good without the wall machine! Therefore, for general construction requirements, we should choose wall printers, which can save a lot of money.

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