• DTG printer TXC-FZ1590
  • DTG printer TXC-FZ1590
  • DTG printer TXC-FZ1590
  • DTG printer TXC-FZ1590
  • DTG printer TXC-FZ1590
  • DTG printer TXC-FZ1590
  • DTG printer TXC-FZ1590
  • DTG printer TXC-FZ1590
It’s mainly used for T-shirt, hoodie and so on.Four printing platforms, It is able to print 4 t-shirts at one time.
It can print on all t-shirts, including white t-shirts, black t-shirts, dark color t shirts, and bright color t shirts.
Double print head, white and color can be printed at the same time.
Textile ink, special for cotton fabric. The printing color is bright.
Easy to adjust color in the Computer, no extra cost.
The color never fade although exposed in the sun,wind, and rain.

Brand strength, quality building
Excellent selection of materials, strict control of product quality, so that customers can use it with confidence

HIWIN mute rail
Our printers use the well-known guide rail manufacturer HIWIN, which has less friction and less movement noise than traditional guide rails, can carry more load, and achieve low-noise printing work.

Leadshine servo motor
Leadshine servo motor has alarm detection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, stall, excessive position error, encoder error, etc. It has stable performance and excellent quality.

Ball screw
Ball screws consist of a screw spindle and a nut integrated with rolling elements that cycle through a return mechanism. Ball screws convert rotary motion into linear motion, and are most commonly used in industrial machinery and precision machines.And our printers ball screws also comes from HIWIN.

Drag chain
High-speed drag chain, with high pressure and tensile load, good toughness, high elasticity and wear resistance, flame retardant, stable performance at high and low temperatures, and long operating life.

Printing on a ariety of materials
Digital printing is a printing method that directly prints ink on finished garments or fabrics. It can realize fast and small batch customized pattern printing, and directly print on the surface of garments without being affected by the material of the garments, such as cotton, linen, silk, etc. Fabric can be directly printed.


Modal fiber




Bamboo fiber


Wool fabric

Multi-station simultaneous printing
1500×900mm large platform printing, can print items of any size within the range, and items with multiple small platforms can be printed at one time.

Imported Textile Special Ink
Bright and colorfast Color fastness to washing 4-5
Environmental friendly Safe and harmless

Dual print head printing
The printer is equipped with 2 print heads, one print head prints white ink, one print head prints color ink, and 2 print heads print at the same time, which can print bright colors on fabrics of different colors, computer graphics, convenient and simple.

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